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Solve your labour shortage, improve your recruitment marketing and streamline your compliance with WorkinAUS.

Fast-track your job opportunities to both domestic and international talent and even secure candidates before they arrive to Australia!

Whether it's across state lines or overseas, borders shouldn't be barriers. Your journey to find top talent starts with WorkinAUS.

WorkinAUS goes beyond just a job board. It offers a new way to recruit people.

WorkinAUS is backed by advanced recruitment technology to improve recruitment marketing and compliance.

For job-seekers, WorkinAUS is their first stop to a new job. Local talent gain benefits like using video to better pitch their skills in a competitive market. International talent visiting Australia or already here can easily find Australian employers willing to hire them.

  • Over 20,000 registered job-seekers
  • Over 1,000 new job applications each week
  • Save hours writing, crafting, and posting a new job ad
  • Save weeks at a time in labour market testing compliance
  • Hours saved per job in labour market testing compliance


WorkinAUS is dedicated to making the hiring process effortless for recruiters, offering a suite of carefully designed features. From user-friendly job ad templates to streamlining the LMT process, the platform ensures a seamless experience for hiring both domestic and international talent.

Video enabled company job board

Incorporate embedded videos onto your site banner. This enables you to showcase your industry/location and sell this to job seekers.

Embedded video within job advertisements

Job ad videos not only attract potential candidates but also provide a more comprehensive insight into the job environment.

User generated video complete with teleprompter assistant

Record your own video directly on platform, and stay on topic with the amazing teleprompter assistant which allows you to plan and script your videos. Simply read from the prompter while recording your video.

Amplification of job advertisements

WorkinAUS enhances the visibility of your job ads, maximizing their reach and impact to connect employers with a broader pool of qualified candidates both domestically and internationally.

Labour market testing assistance tool

Create and publish job advertisements in compliance with the specific requirements of labor market testing. Through checking the LMT box, this will ensure you cannot post the job unless it meets the requirements.

Labour market testing reporting

Download copies of your job adt after the mandatory 28-day period, containing the relevant information needed as part of the LMT process.


Easily convey your openness to hiring diverse talent pools, including international candidates, students, and backpackers, ensuring you attract a broad range of qualified candidates.

AI job advertisement assistant

Create job ads in no time for you to review, edit and personalise, reducing your time-to-hire by launching job campaigns faster and easier.

Filter questions to filter unsuitable candidates

Streamline the candidate selection process with filter questions, allowing you to sift through applications, eliminating unsuitable candidates and ensuring a focused pool of applicants.

Job advertisement templates

WorkinAUS' job ad templates guide you through the creation of well-structured and compelling job ads, while simultaneously saving previous templates used to reduce the time required drafting new job ads.

Applicant management system

Easily track and manage job ads and job-seeker applications across multiple sites from the WorkinAUS dashboard.

Integration to multiposters

When jobs are posted on your platform, they automatically push out through the WorkinAUS ecosystem of government and industry job platforms, targeting both local and international talent simultaneously.

Integration with JobAdder ATS

Connect JobAdder multi-poster with WorkinAUS which facilitates posting jobs from an ATS or directly from JobAdder to the WorkinAUS platform.


WorkinAUS offers streamlined hiring tools, industry-first compliance assistance and features such as video to attract more talent to your job ads. Save time, reduce costs, improve effectiveness, and drive value across the full recruitment marketing value chain.


  • AI job ad writer
  • In-app video teleprompter
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) integration


  • Job profiling videos
  • Employer brand videos
  • Featured ad options
  • Social media sharing
  • Company branded job board (subscriptions)


  • Workforce Australia multi-posting
  • Industry job board network multi-posting


  • Simple dashboard
  • Industry-first labour market testing (LMT) reports

Competitive, flexible packages

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On Demand


per job ad


  • Unlimited applicants
  • Feature ads available to purchase
  • Include a logo, image and video
  • 4 Keywords included
  • 1 User per account
  • Visa Labour Market Testing
  • Automatic posting to Workforce Australia
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per job ad

3 job ads included per month

  • Unlimited applicants
  • 1 feature ad credit per month
  • Include a logo, image and video
  • 6 Keywords included
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Company job board included
  • Visa Labour Market Testing
  • Automatic posting to Workforce Australia
  • Total package value $697
  • Package price $447 per month
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per job ad

5 job ads included per month

  • Unlimited applicants
  • 2 feature ad credits per month
  • Include a logo, image and video
  • Unlimited keywords included
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Company job board included
  • Visa Labour Market Testing
  • Automatic posting to Workforce Australia
  • Total package value $1195
  • Package price $695 per month
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Monthly Subscription

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5+ job ads included per month


All the features of the professional monthly subscription with an even greater discount

We make it quicker and easier to
find the right people

Easier with streamlined compliance

Post directly to WorkinAUS via integrations with Broadbean, Idibu and JobAdder; manage your workflow from our simple dashboard; and save time and energy with new compliance tools including future integrations with Workforce Australia and VEVO

Unmissable with text, images and video

Boost job ads with simple, authentic job profiling videos; showcase your culture through employer brand videos; and create your own custom job board with video enabled to upgrade your career page and establish a destination site for your job ads

Amplified with greater reach

Easily share job ads to your social media accounts from your dashboard; gain extra promotion through our international ad campaigns; and extend your marketing reach through our growing network of industry job boards